[Album] Caligula And Young Quicks – I.C.E (International Cash EveryDay) @caligulasmyname @youngquicks

[Album] Caligula And Young Quicks – I.C.E (International Cash EveryDay) @caligulasmyname @youngquicks

July 15, 2018 Off By Tampa Mystic

I.C.E (International Cash EveryDay) makes up of Atlanta, Ga based Hip Hop artist Caligula aka Cali Stylz and Oxnard, California based Hip Hop artist Young Quicks and together they form a black and brown force to be reckoned with. With two totally different cultures but similar backgrounds Cali and Quicks still manage to come together and create something thats rare in the rap game and thats a african american and mexican american joining teams and coming at the rap game with full force and a bilingual flow that a change up the way you listen to bars today! These two super heroes for the hip hop culture are definitely kicking the door down with this super dope, street, different and professionally complete project. Your ears will absolutely be pleased with the over all production and creative sound they are tapping into. So sit back and enjoy the ride with Caligula and Young Quicks better known as I.C.E

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