[Album] Cashjunky Baby – ‘Decorated Silence II’ @cashjunky_baby

[Album] Cashjunky Baby – ‘Decorated Silence II’ @cashjunky_baby

September 22, 2018 Off By Tampa Mystic

Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate silence. “Decorated Silence II” is the 6th project in 6 months from Cashjunky Baby. The project is executive produced by producer “Decorated Silence” who returns for the second installment. Full of high energy and real emotions, DS2 allows Cashjunky to express himself freely. Decorated Silence 2 is sure to keep your head moving.

New style. New swag. New “sauce”. Kendal Foster (Born January 19, 1990), artist Ken1 hails from the small town of Troy, AL.

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