[Album] LDG IS LIKE – Dedicated To My Enemies @LDGISLIKE

[Album] LDG IS LIKE – Dedicated To My Enemies @LDGISLIKE

December 7, 2018 Off By Tampa Mystic

LDG IS LIKE enthralls listeners with his vivid lyricism and transparency on societal issues. These aspects make “Dedicated To My Enemies” not only relatable but enjoyable.

LDG IS LIKE created “Dedicated To My Enemies” at a time where he began cutting some of his closest ties. The album is aggressive, emotional, and metaphorically meant to make listeners ponder on society’s “what ifs”. LDG describes it as being, “especially dedicated to our inner demons, that pose threats to our decision making abilities.”

Stream “Dedicated To My Enemies” and his hit single “BLOW” which recently reached 100,000 plays on all major music platforms now!

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