Album: Montshodaw – The Realms…Realm 1: I’ma Rise | @montshodaw

Album: Montshodaw – The Realms…Realm 1: I’ma Rise | @montshodaw

May 9, 2018 Off By BeamonDidIt

Forged in the flames of lyricism and storytelling emerges The Realms… Realm 1: I’m a Rise, a new album, from Mississippi native, Montshodaw. The rapper you didn’t know you were waiting for reps a style that’s gritty and unsuspected. In other words, the rule of thumb here should be “expect the unexpected.” With content that easily spans the dynamic spectrum of urban life it’s sure to connect with you in someway.

The album will have its official physical released via CD on Friday, May 11, 2018 (Limited copies available) at

However, you can get the digital download format of the album early and exclusively at

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