August Kamp – 19: The Musical @guskamp

August Kamp – 19: The Musical @guskamp

July 26, 2019 Off By Blitz

August Kamp’s “19: The Musical” is a theatrical, dramatic, pop album with introspective and earnest lyricism and clean electronic production that’s as expressive as it is inventive.

August Kamp moved to LA from Denver, Colorado to be an actor when he was eleven. After a few years of auditioning and small roles, he landed a starring role on a Disney Channel sitcom which lasted for two seasons. He always kinda wanted to make music. When his show went off the air he did acting gigs occasionally to make money; but that summer, he quietly disappeared into the world of music production on his laptop.

He mentioned publicly that he was working on music a few times before finally releasing his debut EP, “Sketchbook” in September of 2018.

August Kamp works (usually alone) in his bedroom in Glendale, California. When he has friends over, he often invites them to add some component or sound to whatever he is working on. Many of these “guest appearances” end up making the final cut.

August Kamp went into 2019 with a fairly ambitious (albeit kind of vague) plan: Release three albums in a year, and somehow get people to notice them. The first of these albums is “19: The Musical”.