ChinaManHimself – NudeBeach. @ChinaManHimself

ChinaManHimself – NudeBeach. @ChinaManHimself

July 13, 2019 Off By Blitz

NudeBeach. is an introduction to the entitity that is NudeBeach. The project speaks on the progression of ChinaManHimself. It is an expression of vulnerability, emotion, passion, love, swagger, dreams, and growth.

Track one sets the stage asking the listener to relax finding ChinaManHimself depicting being almost unconscious in a drunken stupor. Shooting stars all around him as he holds on to his conscious to stay alive.

We then jump into the braggadocios “HESI”. A track all about swagger to wake up even the most relaxed listener. ChinaManHimself stayed alive, the party continues. Back to the post vomit turn up. HESI being How Eye See It, a clothing line as intrinsic and artistic as ChinaManHimself’s music. Track three Reflections moves the listener to after the party, going home. ChinaManHimself sings, “Those things you never told me, as I just stumble pass at night.” Speaking on coming in the door late at night drunk and his girlfriend disgusted, but she does not speak on it. She always lets him be himself but she keeps her feelings inside. She wants better for this troubled man.

Track 4 finds ChinaManHimself sitting and reflecting on how he wants to achieve all his goals with “Dreams”. He sits and drinks and can’t sleep even after the long night from all his dreams. The tape as a whole gets deeper and more reflective as we find ChinaManHimself speaking on how people look at him and on the outside things look like he is making so many moves as an artist and they make him feel good, but in reality, he is still an everyday guy, “Feeling so high but I’m sitting down.”

Track 6, “Reflections” finds ChinaManHimself reflecting on heartbreak such a strong and almost menacing, eerie love. ChinaManHimself is extremely passionate when he loves he loves hard and to lose someone he loves hurts. But at the same time, it’s a dark type of R&B that is sure to have the ladies body rolling. We then find ChinaManHimself closing out with an extended version of Shootin’ Stars (Relax) keeping a smooth vibe going.

He then gives a Bonus Track, Days. Somewhat of a follow-up to “Forever Magical”, a track about loneliness and finding comfort in one’s self and vices. ChinaManHimself is constantly chasing his dreams while trying to keep himself whole.