@DJMsHypnotique Takes Over Wild’N Out DJ Booth

@DJMsHypnotique Takes Over Wild’N Out DJ Booth

February 5, 2019 Off By Kingpin

Cool Running’s DJs very own, DJ Ms. Hypnotique, Palm Tree Entertainment, SODMG and Team SCM affiliate, made her live DJ debut on Wild’ N Out.

@DJMsHypnotique Takes Over Wild'N Out DJ Booth

This mixtress not only wow’d the audience with her inner and outer beauty, but she did a great DJ set while Soulja Boy, the hottest rapper in the game, performed live. We got some insight from her to see what the experience was like.

“Aside from all the hype and the crazy energy, being at the live taping of the hip-hop improv show “Wild ‘N Out” isn’t much different from watching the show itself. I got a chance to be on set with some amazing, truly funny people. My favorite part, of course, was when I actually got to DJ, and the guest that I DJ’d for was none other than my brother, Soulja Boy @souljaboy. 
Wild ’N Out is exactly just that… Wild! If you’ve ever seen the show, you know it’s hilarious and when you add that Soulja spin on it, it’s even more amazing since it was him who “started” this wave. There wasn’t a seat within the circular set that was free from the view of cameras and the audience was rarely quiet. The cast was outstanding and even funnier in person. Even when the show wasn’t filming, laughter and cheers filled the room as the cast poked fun at the audience and encouraged dance competitions. 
I got the chance to meet Nick Cannon in person and was shocked that he was more down-to-earth than I thought he would be since a lot of celebrities act one way with the fans and act another way on television. He was very humble and welcoming and didn’t mind taking pictures with the guests. What was most interesting is that he was surprised to see a female DJ on the set behind the turntables. Once I started, he looked to the DJ booth and had to do a double take and wore an amusingly shocked expression on his face as he pointed toward the booth. THAT was THE BEST moment for me. I was proud of all the work that had been done to get me to that point and very proud of my team: my manager Jay Shields, CEO and Team SCM, my PTE family and all those who have helped me along the way. 
I enjoyed every moment of this experience and didn’t want to leave and it is a part of my career that I’ll never forget. Fortunately for you, you’ll get a chance to see some pics and videos this week starting with the debate of Season 13 and an all new episode!
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Great job DJ Ms. Hypnotique!!!