Doley Bernays Uses Pain as Power in New Two Pack Titled, “I Promised”

Doley Bernays Uses Pain as Power in New Two Pack Titled, “I Promised”

December 10, 2019 Off By JarPR

Doley Bernays drops another two pack but this time it was beyond heart felt. Embracing his true feelings about his intriguing life story, every song tells a different story with unique viewpoints.

“Eulogies and No Vows”

Doley Bernays digs deeper into his emotions on this heart felt record. He touched a few sensitive topics that many can relate too. He spoke about witnessing his childhood friends’ parents deal with the death of their children. The emotional roller coaster of having to pick out his friend’s coffins but remain strong for their family. Having to explain to his friend behind bars how their parent died. Many may wonder how he does it, but as you listen to the pain in his cadence, interestingly enough we look forward to these track to console us.

“We made Muddy a promise, Muddy kept every promise”

The second track, is called “I Promise.” Every bar told the story about the passing of his best friend, Muddy. Muddy was a genuine soul who motivated everyone to be great. He left an impeccable legacy that is unmatched. Known as the “Neighborhood Hero” his hard work and dedication is timeless. Doley let his heart open and spoke the truth about copping. Expressing his emotions in an unparalleled yet lyrical pattern you can hear the story unfold in a rhythmic flow. Doley shows us how he uses pain as power to elevate his music. He utilizes his lyrical talent to help others deal with life changing events.

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