DougieDaGod & JaceJay Team Up On “You’ll Be Back”

DougieDaGod & JaceJay Team Up On “You’ll Be Back”

December 10, 2021 Off By JarPR

SauceMobb’s very own DougieDaGod might have inspired today’s No.1 top-charting track, “I Hate U ” by sizzling R&B sensation, SZA. Back on September 16th, 2021, DougieDaGod dropped off his raving record “You’ll Be Back” featuring JaceJay. Thanks to Dougie we may have just received the male-perspective of a situationship we’ve all been seeking. In addition to possibly being the record SZA responds to on her most recent release.

The record opens up with Dougie reminiscing on the past and how since their split his ex denies she loved it there. Before the chorus pops up reminding her that no matter what she says, her actions show otherwise. Taunting her with the reality that she’ll be back. Throughout the track Dougie and Jace spit the truth behind the cycle of a complicated love. Bringing the perspective of men. The relatable rhymes about relationships are laid over a hypnotizing beat, sure to keep every listener in a loop. 

Additionally, the modern day cover art for the trendy track serves up today’s toxic situationship in an image. The epitome of a picture is worth a thousand words and he hit the nail on the head with this one! The cover art displays a woman texting the rising rhymer “I hate you” before he responds “pull up”. It also shows the mystery lady typing in response to him telling her to come through. 

On December 1st, SZA set Tik Tok and the music world on blaze with her hit single “I Hate U”. The roll out behind her track and the lyricism built within it sounds like a dialogue and a response record to a release she may have already heard. Press play on DougieDaGod’s single “You’ll Be Back” feat JaceJay and then press play on SZA’s single. Then, let us know your thoughts and correlation between both dope pieces of work. 


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