Fint Feela – Dear H. @fintfeela

Fint Feela – Dear H. @fintfeela

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“Dear H.” from Fint Feela is a song about happiness. It’s a positive song made to cheer you up and hopefully help you if you having a hard time.

Sebastian Ricardo Finsterbusch also known as Fint Feela (Born April 15, 1998)
Is a Latin American Singer, Songwriter and dancer. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile.

At 4 years old he already was a very creative person, he could barely draw but he used to invent machines that will heal people, Build houses, shut down fires and his mother write them down in a notebook that she still have, he was in love with the technology and with the music, that’s why when he was 4 he also asked for violin classes and his journey with music started.

At 6 years old he started creating songs in his mother’s piano by his own, he never had piano lessons but he had drums lessons.

The music started being a way out, an escape from reality, whenever a problem occurred or he felt depressed, he started to play the piano which is he’s favorite instrument.

He never saw music as a career, it was something too impossible to achieve because he lived in Chile and thought that all the big stars that he liked were in Hollywood and that this was the only way to succeed in such career. it was at the age of 19 after passing through a lot of career options that he realized how much he loved music and how much he wanted to pursue his dream of being an Artist, so he started making music.