Get to know @bruhbechill via #HipHopsRevival

Get to know @bruhbechill via #HipHopsRevival

March 1, 2018 Off By AR

Hey guys, today we have a new Indy Spotlight for you.

Emar is an artist from Georgia who is working hard trying to make a name. From South Augusta, it seems hard to make something of yourself. If your not 2 hours down the road in ATL, it can be really hard to create your buzz.

Emar is one artist who is not letting that stop him. From working hard on his music and traveling whenever he can, he is destined to make his dreams come true. Today he drops his project ‘Autonoumous2020’ which is a dope project showing what our future holds. The project features 7 new tracks with all different vibes. 

We think Emar has a lot of potential and we believe that he is next up out of GA. Remember we told you so. We got a chance to chop it up with Emar and get to know more about him. Check it out here: