Hustle and Grynd interviews artist Ciana Pelekai @cianapelekai10

Hustle and Grynd interviews artist Ciana Pelekai @cianapelekai10

February 27, 2019 Off By Tampa Mystic

What’s going on? Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
Aloha everyone my name is Ciana Pelekai I am 18 years old. I was bored and raised in Waianae, Hawaii, but just recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada

What was life like growing up in your city?
I grew up in Waianae which is the west side of Oahu. I enjoyed growing up their, because that’s where all my family is originally from, and I am close to everyone. Many say where I am from is really run down, and dangerous, but I believe that it is actually the safest place, and everyone is helpful. One thing special about Waianae is that everyone is really family oriented, and they support each person if they ever succeed in life. I am so blessed, and happy to say that I am from the west side.

What made you decide music was your passion?
Growing up singing was always something, so special to me, and still is till this day. I always knew that performing for others, and inspiring them through my passion for music was something I will always cherish, and joyful to say that I enjoy doing it every day no matter where I am. Through social media, singing at community events or at big festivals. I will never stop singing, and I know it will be close to my heart.

Growing up which artists could we catch you listening to?
I am a Motown Records lover. I would listen Etta James, Beyoncé, and especially the big one Bruno Mars MY BOYFRIEND lol

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
Bluff is my new single that was just released on February 22, 2019. Through posting it on social media, many of my colleagues enjoyed it and started to repost it, and comment on it. It is available on soundcloud, spotify, apple music, amazon music, all digital platforms, and of course Instagram.

What are some of your goals musically for 2019?
By the end of the year finish my whole album which will include music videos, and also being to do some concerts around the world.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?
I am a bowler I love bowling. I come from a bowling family, I average about 175. I also enjoy hanging out with my family, and friends, going to the mall or back in Hawaii I really enjoyed going to the beach.

What’s your definition of Grynd?
Definition that means to be able to hustle, and work hard for whatever you want to achieve in life. You need to set your mind and body to something that is special to you and that you want to be successful in.

Where can we keep up with you online?
My music website: Instagram @officiallyciana Twitter @cianapelekai10 Facebook @cianapelekai

Any S/O’s?
I would love to shout out my parents for being very supportive, and have been investing in so much for me. I am blessed to have amazing parents, and one day will buy them their dream home. My siblings for being supportive as well, and always helping promoting my music through social media, and other networking devices. To Jon-Tonz Music Group, for discovering me on the internet I am so honored to be working with them, and can’t thank them enough for their hard working, and dedication they have put in my music. To drawzilla, thank you for producing all my songs in the studio, I appreciate it. To Rachael, for being the best song writer. I love the styles she can bring to the table, and she is super talented herself. Last but not least, everyone single person in Hawaii. Hawaii has always been by my side through every event or thing I had did throughout my life. They have all supported me, and never stopped believing in me through my music career. If it wasn’t for any of your love and support I wouldn’t have been able to keep going, and pursue my singing career. Lastly, mahalo to everyone for the unforgettable support!

Ciana Pelekai – Bluff

Ciana Pelekai