Jamez London – Young Sweet Jamez @MSIAS_

Jamez London – Young Sweet Jamez @MSIAS_

November 30, 2019 Off By Blitz

Jamez London, born Aldaquan L Teasley, isn’t your everyday rapper. Don’t be quick to assume he is just another LA soundcloud-experiment; you would be far off. Prepping for his newest EP ‘Sake Sippin Pimp’, and graduating LA Film School, London has been in the studio with a fiery spirit.

At only 27, the cadence of the journeyman is one with deep wisdom. The latest EP helps capture a story of struggle and ambition that accompany introspection and crisp bars from London.
Don’t be fooled by the small discography. While London is in the hectic process of the studio grind and college graduation, his repertoire speaks for itself.

Here’s his latest, “Young Sweet Jamez”.

The name of the song is titled, Young Sweet Jamez (YSJ). This is about the growing pains of a young relationship. I was in just starting high school 9th grade of course. It was on this day I had math class with one of my best friends until we find a book with a conversation it from my girlfriend at the time and another ho went to our school named merk. The conversation basically read, that she didn’t know if she wanted to be with me. She was dating someone else and that she really liked him. He went to another school. They’ve had sex multiple times. So me reading all of this I get so angry, but my friend Hubert tells me to stay cool. So, I take a deep breath and I text her that it’s OVER! After that she was blowing up my phone all day! She ended up getting pregnant by him, and after that nothing was the same for me…