Jay Delmore  – Skate @ctcdelmore

Jay Delmore – Skate @ctcdelmore

January 3, 2020 Off By Blitz

Artist, producer and creative director Jay Delmore teams up with France’s own Clément Hamtat to create a new scene and bring you into Delmore’s world with this ‘Skate’ track featuring Florida native, Young Drumma.

Jay Delmore describes himself as not only an artist but as well as a producer, singer/songwriter and creative director. He most recently took his talents and vision down to (Winter Park) Orlando, Florida, where he attained a Bachelor’s of Science in the Recording Arts degree at Full Sail University. Three months following his graduation, Jay released his first official DatPiff Sponsored LP entitled Drugs & Music. Delmore’s sound could be best described as an intelligent blend of hip-hop and R&B, although he continues to demonstrate the ability to deliver some solid rap material as well! Delmore takes pride in being a self-invested artist. He claims he intends to stay independent for as long as he can.

In addition, Delmore consistently has his ears, eyes and mind open for new talent, including vocal and other forms of production. Jay Delmore is currently working with his own in- house producers, graphic designers, videographers and more for his material. It is clear he has all intentions of building his own label and production company!

This is only the beginning as Delmore has already released his newest tape entitled New Scene. Join the journey as he takes his first steps beginning as the founder of C.T.C. also known as Cater to the Creative.