Jonny Flip – Panera  @jonnyfl1p

Jonny Flip – Panera @jonnyfl1p

October 12, 2019 Off By Blitz

“Panera” is the second single off of Jonny Flip’s upcoming album “Intentionally Late” which became available on all platforms on October 1st. The song features Brandon Smith, lead singer/guitarist of Vans’ Warped Tour 2019 opener Honey, I’m Homeless. The beat was originally produced by Ocean beats.

Jonny Flip is a rapper, singer and songwriter originally from New Jersey. Having spent time as a drummer for many years, Jonny took up songwriting and rapping at the age of fourteen. Falling in love with the art, he started to work to develop his skills. However, many setbacks in his life occurred from the age of fifteen on. He was given the “Earl Sweatshirt treatment” so to speak by his family at the age of fifteen, when they sent him away to a wilderness camp in Utah. He ended up spending thirteen months in wilderness therapy and lock-down boarding schools that were therapy oriented.

During that tumultuous time, however, he continued to write music as it was the only outlet he felt he had to express the emotions he was going through. When he finally made it back home to New Jersey at the age of seventeen, he started to go all-out and recorded his first-ever track in 2014. However, Jonny became sidelined by drugs, alcohol, rehabilitation centers and juvenile detentions for another three years.

During his addiction, he never stopped writing and the dream was still in his mind. After one final bout with drugs in 2016, Jonny moved to L.A. and started to clean up his act. He then served as the lead singer/songwriter for two metal bands over the span of the next couple of years, before finally gaining the means and skill to record his first-ever solo project. Now, Jonny’s unique style has him poised to make a real impact.