Just Malsz Drops New Soulful Track, “Distance”

Just Malsz Drops New Soulful Track, “Distance”

February 18, 2021 Off By JarPR

The Bronx, New York is known as the mecca of hip hop music. Many talented creatives become passionate about the art of music at a young age. Emerging artist, Just Malsz was born in the Bronx and raised in Yonkers. At eleven years old, he was gifted with multiple musical albums that inspired him his path. He began writing music and perfecting his craft. After exploring different career paths like joining the military and teaching, he realized he was limiting his impact on the world, and decided to take his music seriously.

He now releases his most recent single, “Distance,” featuring Eljae. This record was inspired by his and his peers personal life lessons. He utilizes music as a tool to express himself and relate to others. This song is authentic to his feelings and you can feel that as the beat drops. When it starts, he begins to tell a interesting story about the up and downs of life that can cause distance.

He told us the inspiration to this:

The title of the song came from a place I’m sure we all know someway somehow. We’ve all been at a point of conflict with someone. The point that you’re physically  together, but physical is where it ends. Writing songs in regards to topics such as these actually come a little easier for me, I’m a lover boy at heart lol. Or should I say “emotional”. So this track was pulled from experiences I’ve had and trying to place those experiences in perspectives that both sides are understood. I want my listeners to relate which I know they will lol. I felt like the original song was very biased so I collaborated with an amazing artist and I’d say she did well in her portrayal of the opposing perspective.”

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