Jzavion – Smile @JM6_Era


“Smile” is the latest video from Jzavion. The track was inspired by 3 songs; “Moment of Clarity” – Jay Z, “A Star is Born” – J. Cole (verse) and “Newno” – Nick Grant. This track was created to showcase Jzavion’s lyrical prowess and paying homage to legends in the game all while making a catchy song.

Jzavion is a 20 year old Hip-Hop recording artist from Adrian, Michigan. He began recording music in 2018, initially releasing a 7-track EP titled “To Be Continued” and a freestyle to Fat Joe’s 2004 smash, “Lean Back” which were released on SoundCloud before making his transition to bigger platforms. He credits his musical influences to J. Cole, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Jay Z and Nick Grant amongst others.

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