Lauren Presley – Sleepless @LaurenPresley2

Lauren Presley – Sleepless @LaurenPresley2

October 27, 2018 Off By Blitz

Lauren Presley’s “Sleepless” has 6 songs all about broken relationships. Each song has a different aspect to it, and is at different points either in a relationship or after it ends. It’s the story of heartbreak and the process of moving on.

Growing up in a small town in Texas, there wasn’t much opportunity. At 12, Lauren uploaded videos on YouTube of her performing cover songs. A TV production company found her videos and wanted to cast her for a TV show called ‘Chasing Nashville’ about four girls trying to make a name for themselves in Nashville. She made the cuts, her mom quit her teaching job, and they hit the road to Nashville to film for the show.

After months of filming, unfortunately the show didn’t get renewed after the first season. Although, she ended up staying in Nashville to work on her career. The past six years have been busy with co writes, meeting new people, performing live, and finishing high school. At 18, Lauren released her first single, “You and Me”, in May 2018. She followed with her first EP, “Sleepless” in August.

All her songs on the EP dives deep into heartbreak and broken relationships. As she believes music is a coping mechanism for hurt, she hopes her honesty in these lyrics will relate to others; while still having a feel good vibe.