lbs. – In Too Deep @dustythakid


lbs. is back with his second release, “In Too Deep”, with fellow THR artists Dimitryus, Ed Indigo, and a feature from local talent, X-Ray. lbs. shows his growing fan base of “Space Cadets” that he can switch it up whenever he feels like it.

This track was produced by larcfest a producer that got a hold of lbs. after a friend sent him a video of a freestyle lbs. did over some of his beats while on a mountain attending a music festival. “In Too Deep” was also mixed and mastered by lbs. with the help of Dimitryus and Baby Cate another talent lbs. frequents the Hope Studio with.

THR co-founder and artist, lbs. Is trying to grow as an artist as well as pushing the bounds of genres with his own unique sounds and style. Always a fan of music, lbs. first discovered his ability to rap when he was 17 after winning a local rap battle. Chasing after this newly found passion lbs. helped create the collective THR alongside fellow founders and artist K and King Yabba.

Now in his last year of college with new THR members Ed Indigo and Dimitryus, lbs. is preparing himself for the freedom of graduation so that he can put all of his time into creating music that genuinely touches and influences people in the same way that rap did for him. lbs. is divinely inspired by two quotes: “laugh about the sh*t you can’t choose” – beloved friend and fellow rapper Maasai; and “the more you do, the less you wait” – Mac Miller, an artist that rapped for the sake of chasing the art, influencing lbs. and millions of others. RIP.

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