Leatherphace – Sauce @phreddiekrueger

Leatherphace – Sauce @phreddiekrueger

December 30, 2019 Off By Blitz

Leatherphace’s “Sauce” is a love song at its core but Leatherphace manages to give off positive vibes throughout rather than leaving you caught up in your feelings. His soothing tone and melodic approach blend perfectly with Kid Ocean’s piano based production giving the song great replay value.

For the video, Leatherphace once again teams up with director Code Abi for another signature lo-fi, guerilla style visual. With New York City as the backdrop, Leatherphace performs on rooftops, alleyways, and corner bodega stores making every location no matter how random seem perfect for the occasion.

In late 2017, Leatherphace released his debut single “No Stress”. The now 19-year-old rapper’s unique sound and vibe stood out among the crowd. His songs feature catchy melodies sure to get stuck in your head for days, along with a mix of rapping and singing.

The music video for “No Stress” was shot on a low-budget VHS style film, which had many viewers questioning: Who is the enigma known as Leatherphace?

Several songs and music videos had since followed his debut, but then seemingly out of nowhere Leatherphace went MIA. This left thousands of listeners in the dark wondering if and when more music would be released.

In the fall of this year, after nearly a two-year hiatus, Leatherphace released the single “NO CZ”. The song generated a newfound buzz and sparked a genuine curiosity among listeners, both new and old, with many having questions about the artist shrouded in mystery. Two more songs and videos dropped in November of this year, but one can only hope that Leatherphace doesn’t go ghost on us again and that in time we’ll learn more about his cryptic background.