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“Whole Time” from Mastermind BL is a song exploring the thoughts of two young artists looking at places of success and privilege from a distance realizing they have made to a place mentally where they can handle both the task and the pressure that comes from wanting to live a life that is above average with accomplishments and resources to match.

The first verse explores the artist’s will to never let go of their goals because of the faith they have in what they’re doing and where they’re going. The second verse reinforces the level of focus they know needs to be put on the process and the journey to achieve greatness. It also focuses on individuality and the ways in which music and pop culture affect listeners to the point where their sense of individuality comes from the expectations they build around the music they’re exposed to.

He explores the lifestyle of people who change their personalities and attitude to fit the new standards set by trending musicians and public opinions while questioning the ways in which it affects ones sense of self and independence and recognizing that he likely also falls in the same category being that he has to do a certain amount of living to write music worth listening to, or live up to the standards he sets for himself through his music. The intro sees this same artist commit to being great “it’s about to be a Tony” (grandiose, dramatic and epic but as real and palpable as live acting), and the hunger that comes from wanting the live a life above the reality one is presented with.

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