MCshabazz – Sorry Is Getting Boring @MCshabazz_

MCshabazz – Sorry Is Getting Boring @MCshabazz_

November 18, 2018 Off By Blitz

MCshabazz delivers a 4 track audio/video EP entitled “Sorry Is Getting Boring”. Three singles and one video for “Peekaboo” are included in the YouTube project.

MCshabazz is a Dominican rap artist born in the Dominican Republic. He was raised by his grandmother and grandfather after his parents left him under their care to make a living in the United States. He had a free and adventurous childhood in the Dominican despite severely burning his right hand before the age of one.

MCshabazz moved to the United States to be with his parents in the year 2000 at eight years old. At a young age he witnessed home raids, burglaries, and drug related activity caused by the hustle of his family members – including his parents. He was heavily influenced by the decisions his family made since that was all he ever knew.

He watched over his older brother who first introduced him to rap music. His brother had all the newest hip hop CDs of the early 2000s, and listening to this actually helped him learn English. MCshabazz wrote songs in Spanish as a younger child. Once a freshman in high school, he began writing and recording music in English. During his high school years, he built his own studio with one of his best friends – Pedro Rodriguez aka Pit. This is when they started developing their craft in music. With the help of Artists KR and Anjelihs , Pit started working in a well known local studio called PUSH KEYS PRODUCTIONS where he would invitehim to come over and take advantage of free studio time.

They started working on the album Puri, which was put on pause after Pit’s mother passed away. Pit needed some time away from the studio, so his absence caused MCshabazz to lose inspiration in music. He found comfort in the streets and became homeless during a rough period of time. While homeless, MCshabazz collaborated with producers, Jeef aka Blvckjvck or Jvckpot, Cavah, and other artists in hopes to start something new. In 2014, he collaborated with artist Anjelihs on his album METANOIA, to make the “Beneath the Grapevine” record.

Beneath the Grapevine has over 800k plays making it a successful collaboration. Fans of this record were questioning who was MCshabazz as he had no other music released. He continued to work behind the scenes while also juggling parenthood and other jobs. Unfortunately in 2016, he called 911 to identify a vehicle that belonged to his best friend and producer, Pit, who drove himself into the Boston Harbor — committing suicide.

Music would never be the same to MCshabazz. He lost inspiration, but gained motivation at the same time. He knew that he had to put in work alone and forget about working or depending on others. He recorded and released two albums in 2017, Sorry for Calling you a Bitch but the truth hurts, and Signer Ft. Lil Star. In 2018, he dropped Sorry is Getting Boring — part of a trilogy project that includes his first drop. At this time, he’s working on the third apology, a solo album, and building his team.