New Hustle & Grynd Interview with Philly Artist “Kir” @tharealkir

New Hustle & Grynd Interview with Philly Artist “Kir” @tharealkir

November 9, 2016 Off By TGR MEDIA


What’s going on Kir? Talk to us about what inspired you to get into music?

To tell the truth part of my inspiration came from an artist I was managing in the past. After a while I just took things in my own hands. Now my inspiration comes from myself and my supporters. It’s not a lot of things I haven’t been through in my lifetime so honestly my own life lessons inspire me because without my trials and tribulations I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Coming out of Philly you’re amongst some of the hottest artist in your city. What’s different about your style that allows you to stand out?

It’s definitely a lot of talented artist but My style is way different. My delivery is just different I can flow a lot of ways and I can talk about real life while doing it. It doesn’t have to be violence all the time I can always show my diversity and switch my concepts up. I just feel like people can catch on to my style a little easier because it’s catchy but at the same time the truth.

Growing up you’ve learned to channel pain through your music. What are some of the biggest lessons so far learned in this music business?

The biggest lessons I’ve learned would be number one, everyone isn’t your friend. This is a business and you have to remember most people are going to use you for advantage but sometimes it’s not always a bad thing because those types of things go hand in hand and you could possibly gain something from someone. Another lesson I’ve learned is that your supporters should be one of you most valued things in this game. If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t even have a way to push your music out there.

You recently released a mixtape titled Legendary. Who were some of the people you worked with on the project and where can it be downloaded?

I worked with a couple of philly artist on my recent tape but what I tried to do was focus on gettin a lot of the unheard talent in my city and surrounding areas out there. For example I could’ve gotten some big names on there but I made so much good music with artist that are not buzzing as much that I’d rather put out that good music then just worry about the name. Now as far as singles I have music with quilly, some artist from obh, pnb Rock and many more.

How important is it for you to give back to your city?

Giving back is one of my main priorities on my off time. Such as back to school drives , Christmas drives and thanksgiving drives. Me and my guys try to give back as much as we can because that’s where all our support first started at. When w had nothing we didn’t have anyone to come to our neighborhood and give back and I want more than anything to do that. Make a difference.

Talk to us about RUGDU and who are some of the people involved?

RUGDU is a group me and my guys started a while back buts it’s more like a family. We started off just screaming the name but when it stuck with the people we ran with it. Now we have majority of the city on lock. People involved are my bro Diddii strapz, Freek, Siah and many more. Just a bunch of guys who all started on the street and we put our efforts into this music. Everyone I hang around has a bad rap when it comes to a criminal record and when I first started this rap thing I let them know we can take over this rap game and stay out the streets. Now we are running through the whole tristate area inspiring people to get out the streets and do something positive.

What’s your definition of Grynd?

My definition of grind is hard work consistency longevity and most importantly patients. People tend to look at other people’s careers and question themselves on why they aren’t there yet and what they’re doing wrong. I know because I used to be one of those people. The key is to focus on your grind only. Wen you put your focus into another mans grind it takes you out of your way of thinking and you lose track of what you were trying to achieve.

What’s Next for Kir?

Next I have a EP coming out late December early January. But for now I’m gonna give the streets these visuals pop up on magazines, radio an other media outlets to let the people who don’t know me get a listen. It’s all about getting the music out to the people who are t tuned in yet, right now. I mean yea I have plenty of fans but there is always someone who hasn’t heard your story or music and my intention is to give everyone some type of motivation.

Any Shout Outs? Where can we find you online?

Just wanna shout out to all my supporters my RUGDU gang and you guys for interviewing me. I don’t want to leave anyone out so I’m just gonna say everyone who supports me I appreciate the love and keep showing it, I’ll continue to put out great music.

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