New Music: Lill Twinn x Mizzy Coke – “Whisper Song”

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The Downbeach Duo, aka Lill Twinn x Mizzy Coke shared the visuals to the “Whisper Song”.

Born in Philadelphia, PA Mizzy always had a passion for music.  His older brother was in a group and as they practiced and wrote music in the house he couldn’t help but follow them around picking up the craft.  Lill Twinn was born in Atlantic City and started his music career at a young age dealing with mostly EDM.  Twin became heavy into the EDM scene becoming a pretty popular DJ. Growing up they always knew of each other but one day crossed paths at a local studio and spontaneously recorded three records together mixing a little bit of EDM with hip hop and the chemistry was perfect.  They started doing shows together and the response was amazing. They started performing in classic Philly venues like Voltage Lounge, The Trocadero, District 9, Vanity Grand and even the TLA, which they sold out.  All while making new fun and creative music, They rocked the house which lead to them getting booked in North Jersey (MVMT), NYC (Webster Hall), VA Beach (Peabody’s), and a few backyard shows in Los Angeles.

These two talented creatives came together to release their most recent music video, “Whisper Song”. Things get too lit and wild when the Ethik Fam members deliver pizzas to a turnt up mansion party. The crew openly shows how they like to  have a good time. You can see and feel the fun vibes as you watch the video. The dymanic duo briefly explains the creative process behind this:

“It was our first time being in the studio together. We took an old school approach by going back & forth on the verse. Overall we made the record in less than 20 minutes. Afterwards we were jumping around for joy because we felt like we had made a hit record! We finished the rap part but we didn’t have a chorus so Twinn went back in & literally freestyle the chorus which he whispered in 1 take so we called it the “whisper song”. There’s a classic movie called “Lover boy” where the pizza boy sleeps with a bunch of older ladies after he delivers the pizza.. we loosely based it off that & the girls were down so we did it. We want to continue being creative, funny & unique with hopes that our fan base expands throughout the world so we can stop laughing at our own jokes & be icons.”

Watch the new visuals here!

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