Ovi Jozi Drops New Single, “Ride”

April 23, 2022 Off By JarPR

Newburgh Native, Ovi Jozi shares the new visual to, “Ride.” His biggest motivation for this record was his supporters. He felt it was necessary to write a song that shows how much he appreciates people supporting his music and journey. Jozi is known to use music as a tool to express himself and bring people together in positive ways. 

He tells us the inspiration and process behind it all: 

“What inspired me to write this song was the people who’ve been riding for me from the start of this journey I’m on. I got the title after I wrote the song. I named it Ride because I rapped a lot about what that word means to me. To ride means to be by your brothers’ side or whoever you love side at all times no matter what. But once you switch up then I’ll leave you right where you’re at. Creating the song was easy because the beat had a good bop to it. I freestyle the whole song one time through and after that I just took some lyrics from the freestyle and started letting my pen take over. I would say my sound is like no other. I rap about things that are positive and I also bring light to the type of childhood I had and being from the city I grew up in. The goal is to sound like Ovi Jozi. Not anyone else. I want them to listen to the song and dance to it. It’s a great song to bop to and blast in your car around a lot of people. The first time I listened to the track I knew the type of video I wanted to shoot for it. Everything aligned. The video, the stylist, the song, and the execution of the whole thing. It influenced me by giving me stories to rap about. Gave me the motive to make it out. Seeing some of my friends pass away from being outside trying to make a living motivated me to hustle my way out and live their dreams through me. It’s hard to watch the people you love suffer or struggle to try to make ends meet. So the plan is to use God’s gift to help them out.”
After receiving over 30,000+ views on Youtube, he recently performed this record in New York City at the Daze Summit Festival where the feedback from the audience only proved how much of a dope record this truly is. Watch the video here and tell us what you think.