Queens Artist Zamor Livi Releases Brand New EP ” My Element “

Queens Artist Zamor Livi Releases Brand New EP ” My Element “

October 27, 2017 Off By JarPR

According to Zamor livi motivation behind his “ My Element” EP came as a means to change the conversation around Hip Hop culture, making a conscious effort to shy away from the typical violent, “Drill” and “ Trap” tones prevalent in today music and instead focused on self-elevation and the process of gaining and giving respect.

The 7-month long creation process was one Zamor took pride in thanking producers such as Mad real, ShankzBeatz and Mr.Wolf for playing a major a part in his formative process, by producing and mixing the original beats that have allowed him to fully express his emotions and display is sheer talent.
In addition throughout the project, Zamor makes a point to feature an array of other fellow Queens NY underground artist such as 2gz leel, Jussvon, HP all of which share his love for the culture and passion of the craft. this Ep is definitely on track to making Zamor a house hold name


Queens Native artist Zamor Livi name (Jesse Zamor) has been taking the game by storm. Using his past experiences and negative environment as a driving force in his music. Though even before beginning his Journey Zamor has been drawn to the art form specifically its ability to change lives and motivate people, such as himself to achieve heights they never dreamed possible. In his early career Zamor has worked with the likes of former Slow Bucks member Juss Von, Super Producer Shankz Beatz of South Warzone Park, 2Gz Leel and lead engineer Tear Dropz on da Boardz. Though for Zamor there’s far more to music than words on a paper. He believes that education on topics far deeper than music is key. Because of this, he makes an effort to incorporate wisdom and life lessons into hit tracks such as “No New” “Queens” and 1Up each landing over 1k plays on Spotify. Landing him performance placements on stages such as Stage 48, Embassy OO Rooftop Lounge and Naresa Palace as well as recognition from top Nightlife Promoters and Reputable Brands such as Mr. Chambers Nyc and Shazam.

However, this has all just been a start

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