@sayflex “XO TOUR Llife3” (Flex mix)

@sayflex “XO TOUR Llife3” (Flex mix)

April 3, 2017 Off By JarPR


IMG_0583Flex Is one of the Hip Hop industries newest rising stars. Those who are familiar with Flex may also be familiar with his Series last month entitled #FlexFriday, where Flex dropped continuous hit tracks each and every Friday showing his supporters how much he can really switch up his style and flow on any beat.  However, the Long Island-born Rapper/Singer-Songwriter hasn’t stopped there debuting his newest projects which he calls “Flex Mixes”, all throughout the month of March and into April. Each of these mixes allows fans to watch as he tries his hand at various top 40 tracks from artist such as Future to Kehlani. The talented artist, who relates his witty yet soulful lyrics to artist like Drake, Kanye, Ryan Leslie and Wale, certainly tried a new sound when remixing Lil Uzi Verts track “Xo Tour Llif3”. A track where Flex switches up his flow and showcases his sense of versatility. With that being said this week I was given an opportunity to interview the rising star and get a little bit of the inside scoop on this project and more importantly what’s next  check it out below


Q. I’ve noticed that you have a knack for remixes is there a reason why do you feel like that’s your niche?
A.I was always a huge fan of remixes love seeing different people give their take on a beat or instrumental. This has always been big hip-hop and dancehall reggae two in which I grew up listening to. So I think I got a lot of influence for doing remixes from the music I listened too. When I hear a song I always think about how it’s structured, written, and how it sounds sonically. If I decide to remix the song It’s like I’m fixing what I didn’t like. So sometimes I switch up melodies and my own style to it and make it my own wave. and that’s how I came up with the whole FlexMix idea, It’s a way for my fans to really be in touch with my sound and how I make music.

Q.Did the inspiration for the song come from somewhere specific?

A.Yeah it’s kind of interesting. One of my roommates in my apartment was playing the song a bunch of times. Just being in the house and hearing it, it caught my ear but I didn’t know the name of the song. So I asked him he told me it was Lil uzi vert new song. I checked it out on Soundcloud and I instantly fucked with it. I liked the fact that it was super raw, meaning not like perfectly mixed and master it sounded like bedroom recording. I was happy that he was able to display that vibe without really caring about it not being perfect. I then decided to work on the track. I liked some of the melodies, so you’ll hear for the hook I used a similar cadence and melody that uzi had with my own little twist on it, so you know it’s flex but the feeling is similar to the uzi song that you already like. Then I added some cool beat switch ups and eq stuff to make it my own wave.

Q.How long did it take for you to complete the project

A.To complete my A Ride With Flex project it took years. I recorded over 200 songs. I was making this tape since I was a senior in HighSchool. I started recording in in my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. It was something that I never felt was completed, I always wanted it to be perfect. But it takes time to master your craft and make the connections you need to be successful in this industry. I try not to put a due date on the things I do.

Q.Who would you target it to?

A.I would target to anyone who is into modern day rap but loved the story telling on the 90s. I try to incorporate personal stories within my music but at the same time using currents sounds and things I like.

Q.What’s next?AWhat’s next I’m in the process of creating the sequel to my first project A Ride With Flex. I’m working day in and day out to get it to you guys as perfect as possible so just wait on it.

A.What’s next I’m in the process of creating the sequel to my first project A Ride With Flex. I’m working day in and day out to get it to you guys as perfect as possible so just wait on it.