Sean Owen – Wondering @iamseanowen

Sean Owen – Wondering @iamseanowen

November 30, 2019 Off By Blitz

Sean Owen’s “Wondering” is an ode to those who indulge in love for loves sake. The ones who take and expect more but never give anything in return.

Sean Owen is an Indie Artist born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Like other modern renaissance artists including Russ, Childish Gambino and Foevabeatz, Sean is known for having multiple interests and talents but is currently focused on writing, recording and performing music. With a sound all his own, influenced and inspired by a wide variety of genres and cultures, he brings a fresh new sound and perspective to the human condition.

After featuring on Twizzytwitch’s release Real, under the moniker ‘Akhu Speaks’ in 2017, Sean Owen went on to collaborate with Twizzytwitch again on a placement project to be the main theme of ‘The OZone podcast,’ hosted by Omar and Terry Miller. Contributing to its chorus along with Foevabeatz, he is also featured as a verse along with ‘JVT’ on the podcast’s opening theme titled ‘Cameras on me’. Twizzy’s release ‘Real’ would later be added to the line up of his debut album ‘Final Semester’ alongside one additional feature appearance on ‘Letter to You’.

It wasn’t until Aug 2018, that Sean Owen went on to release his first solo project No Feelings Involved, a post break-up album featuring EDM inspired instrumentation alongside trap kicks, Snares and 808s. With the exception of the release ‘Full House prod. Foevabeatz’, the entire project is self-produced, giving it an authentic and raw feel.

In early 2019, Sean Owen collaborated with the Denver-based modern metal band Mosaic, producing Hollow (Sean Owen Remix), a remix to their release Hollow and contributing to the bands Hollow – EP.

He has since released a 4 track EP with Foevabeatz titled ‘Killing Thoughts’, a collaborative single with Egyptian producer duo 2 Zeds, and a solo single ‘Wondering’.

Sean is currently working on his second album, releasing singles and coordinating tour dates.