Terry Beast – Slime Walk @space_boy_punk


Terry Beast unleashes the newest eccentric self-produced single, “Slime Walk”

In the newest self-produced eccentric single Terry Beast is speculating on his sanity and how fast his thoughts could drive him from joy to pain and vice versa. And if the first part of the track inherently sounds more like a melancholic ode to a currently popular theme of being bipolar, relatively balancing between the good and the bad, side B shifts the balance of narrator’s mind more into the darkest side as lyrics turns to more braggadocious lines. The beat becomes more and more gloomy and fits very well with the change of the artist’s flow into more afterworld sounding. The bizarre ending of this banger is accompanied by black metal-ish inspired raspy vocals and snatchy flow. Of course, what makes this track the cream of the crop is a good mixing. Definitely a thing you must hear today.

Also stream “Slime Walk” on Spotify and Apple Music here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/terrybeast/ezqx

Terry Beast is an aspiring music producer/engineer/artist from Europe (Kiev). Reclusing style of works full of angst & anxiety is predominant. Attempts to re-create the cold & hard atmosphere of a 90-s industrial club full of freaks. No need to deep-dive into lyrics. This is more of a turn-up stuff for a cop-chasing scene, brain-dead party soundtrack with zombies or even saturnalia if you wish. Feel free to drink some whiskey and chase it with a fresh blood before pressing the play button and let this stuff blast from your speakers on the highest volume to feel everything with your intestines.

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