Hustle & Grynd Sits down with Author Tilsa Wright @tilsawright #LADYINRED

Hustle & Grynd Sits down with Author Tilsa Wright @tilsawright #LADYINRED

October 18, 2016 Off By TGR MEDIA



What’s going on Tilsa we appreciate you spending time with us. For those who don’t know, where are you from and what inspired you to become an author?

I was born in Kingston Jamaica West Indies however I migrated to the states and proudly love and live in Brooklyn New York.

How do you come up with the concept of the book before you write it?

Great question. It actually varies, sometimes while listening to music or depends on where I am at or doing, the simplest thing inspires a story concept.

Being from Brooklyn, NY, have you experienced any obstacles as an independent author?

Brooklyn is a cultural melting pot and with that said and to be very honest no obstacles. My borough-mates hold me down. I mean small businesses, promoters, media outlets and fellow authors has given me tremendous support. However you used the word independent, and this word usually comes with no budget for an effective marketing campaign like authors with a huge publishing deal.

You’ve written multiple books and the most recent being “Lady in Red”. Without given the readers too much explain to us what the book is about?

The main character Keisha Lopez is facing challenges and has decided to put her street life behind for a more white chalk way of living. Her issues are relatable. Keisha’s voice echoes what most young ladies in the urban areas are faced with. Drugs, abusive and being labeled as bottom feeders with no positive outlook. Oppressive stigmatism is ruthless if you ask me.

There is a rumor that you are looking to expand the awareness of your book by using music. Is this true and if so, in what way will music play a part with your recent release?

The cats out the bag! Lol. Yes I am marring music and my book as it’s only fitting I do so. While listening to one of Brooklyn’s legend, the late Notorious BIG I was actually inspired to write Lady in Red. Also my media partner and a Hiphop head Heroes Headquarters are co-producing a Lady in Red music project. Thanks to Heroes, I had Bronx native Haddy Racks write and record a single recently. We plan to release it soon.

Before you get into the story you talk about the great Notorious B.I.G. What about him made it possible to write this story?

Notorious BIG, is a gifted lyricist and his way with words ignited an old Brooklyn feeling while I sat listening to his last album August 2012. Keep in mind I listened to his last album a few times prior. You see in my pre-teen Brooklyn was different, the streets were more violent, there was heavy drug trafficking and most importantly Hiphop was so alive back in the 90’s. Not saying it’s dead now, just has a strange feel on many levels. So I wanted to revisit that time capsule just for a moment while I share Keisha’s struggles. Biggie represent the voice of our borough because he made to the top and never forgot where he came from.

Talk to us about Keisha. All over social media there is talk about trying to find this lady. Why is she a person of interest?

Social Media and it’s marketing effect is absolutely engaging as hell. LOL. You see Harlem Rapper Dave East recently released a song titled ‘Keisha’ and one of the messages in his song stresses that he is looking for her. Seeing the value and similarities with my book, I decided to look for the young lady in is music video. Oh yeah I sure as hell found her. Kaya Marley, a blood line of legend Bob Marley is a young video model and dancer. So we connect thanks to Heroes Headquarters and she did a 11 seconds promotional video for my book.

Is there any part of your book that describes your own life experiences? If so, in what way?

I lived in the 90’s and Clarkson Avenue like Keisha Lopez and was introduce to the Orisha spiritual faith thanks to a handful of Trinidadians. However the rest of the storyline is creative writing using relatable issues.

What are some important tips you would give to a up & coming author looking to publish their first book?

Don’t be afraid to fail! Expectations is an emotion that will destroy your success. Consider your project a journey and embrace each moment in a positive light. Key to note, know your target audience and build from there. Street promotions and word of mouth are the best advertising your two feet can purchase. Grinding is part of the process!

What’s next for Tilsa Wright and “Lady in Red”?

There will be a part 2 and ultimately my long term focus is to produce Lady in Red on film.

Any Shout outs? Where can we find the book and you online?

Shout out to HitSquadd Promotions, Heroes Headquarters, Brooklyn and all the boroughs. All who supported my work over the years. Mad love and respect. My book is available on Amazon and Kindle. I can be reached on all social media @tilsawright