Travis Deshone Releases New Record Hosted by, Zaytoven “Okay Den”

Travis Deshone Releases New Record Hosted by, Zaytoven “Okay Den”

February 19, 2021 Off By JarPR

Hailing from Dayton, OH Travis Deshone is an independent artist with an unique authentic sound. At nine he started writing and at fifteen he began to record in the studio where he taught himself the ins and outs of audio engineering. Growing up he used music as an tool to express himself and inspire people around him. In his songs he tells intriguing stories about his life. He shares his thoughts and opinions that many can relate to.

He now drops his newest track, “Okay Den” hosted by Zaytoven. As the beat drops, it grabs your way right away. Simply reminding us to always stay focus on our bag, goals and how we are our only competition.

Travis is known for making substantial records that we can enjoy and vibe out too.

He tells us the creative process behind it all:

“I just love music and I try different things to challenge myself. If anything does inspire me it’s the calling of the beat. If the beat is an all-out banger and just grabs me I can write a song in five to ten minutes tops. So if I had to choose an inspiration, then it would be the sound of the beat that moves me. Reaching out to Zaytoven and his response motivated me to want to make something that is incredibly dope for him to be apart of. I wanted to bring that energy and creativity that would motivate others to push harder toward their goals and dreams, “Okay Den” is a song of accomplishment and congratulations that can be apart of any life event. In my process, I made the song relatable to anyone and any situation. Whether you increased your education or ya pockets getting fatter from getting to the bag then it’s an “Okay Den” moment that needs to be celebrated. People have put me in the shoes of some of the greatest artists that are out today. I’ve heard that I sound like Bun B, Kevin Gates, ZRO, etc. I’ve always been told who I sound like, but I think I just sound like me. I want people to be inspired, and I want to connect with my audience through the reality I create in my music, I make feel-good music. I want my listeners to know that they are not the only ones going through the changes of feeling stylish or women feeling finicky, sexy, or dudes being flashy. We can celebrate that and acknowledge that to one another. I want my supporters to be inspired and to feel the need to motivate the people around them.”

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