UrbanThresold Explains 20 Things Music Producers Can Do To Build Their Business



1: Create a limited special edition music sampler series featuring upcoming artists rapping or singing over your tracks.

2: Find out who are the music supervisors of MTV, BET, and VH1. Reach out to them in a professional manner. Ask permission to send them beats for placement in their programs.

3: Find out who are the music supervisors of ESPN, and other sports networks. Reach out to them in a professional manner. Ask permission to send them tracks for placement in their programs.

4: Do not just think about creating tracks for artists. Also look into the possibility of creating scores for independent films.

5: Go to as many music conferences and seminars as you can to build connections. Also try to network with people outside of the music biz like filmmakers, video game creators, advertising executives, etc.

6: Reach out to advertising agencies and try to get your music in commercials.

7: Create a YouTube channel and make YouTube videos showing yourself producing tracks. Take the world on a journey into your creative process

8: Enter Beat Battles and contests but to a controlled degree.

9: Do Remixes of popular songs and Mashups.

10: Do Contests whereby you give away some bonus tracks to the winners of the contests.

11: Try to get your tracks licensed domestically and internationally for use in film, television, etc.

12: Lease beats to upcoming artists for a reasonable fee.

13: Promote your brand and invest in a marketing strategy that includes online Promo, PR/publicity, e-Blasts, video promo, radio interviews, press releases, street team/club promo.

14: Collaborate with other music producers on bigger projects.

15: Start a publishing company and join a performance rights organization like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

16: Try to get your hands on a “Who’s Looking” list or search the labels to see which major label artists’ projects are coming out.

17: Take as many major label A&R meetings as you can.

18: Reality shows are always looking for music from new upcoming producers. Find out who are the music directors of your favorite reality shows on TV and ask permission to send them beats for placement consideration.

19: Go to video game conventions and reach out to video game developers to try to get your tracks licensed to be featured in video games.

20: Put together a bi-weekly e-newsletter about your production. Send it out to your database and inform them about any new tracks you may have. Also use the e-newsletter to drive traffic back to your website.

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