Watch Lill Twinn & Mizzy Coke Turn Up In New Visuals, “Hot Box”

Watch Lill Twinn & Mizzy Coke Turn Up In New Visuals, “Hot Box”

November 1, 2019 Off By JarPR

The New Jersey Natives, Lill Twinn and Mizzy Coke strike again!

The visuals to their most recent single, “Hot Box,” shows how they really turn up. Produced and directed by Chase Epstein this record is simply a vibe. This duo is known to make records that people of all ages can enjoy. They remain consistent and transparent through out their journey which shows their new listeners what kind of energy and vibe they provide. You can feel the dope vibe they create as you listen to the song and watch the video. They briefly explained what goes into their creative direction for this track.

“Twinn had already made this hook before we even met believe it or not. It was one of the first songs we made. We recorded it in Philly. We were having a good time in the studio and just put all the energy around us into the record.“Hot box” is when u smoke out a room or car after we blaze up it’s so Smokey it looks like a war zone. That’s why it’s “Start a war in my car with the way I’m Hot Boxin.” We def turned the studio into a full blown hot box that night. We make music that we just want the people to enjoy our energy. We got so much it doesn’t make sense not to share it. We wanted to create a fun party atmosphere, where everyone is having fun! Just like we did in the video.”

Check the new video here!