Yreva – Hidden Gems of Love @YrevaFlow

Yreva – Hidden Gems of Love @YrevaFlow

August 12, 2018 Off By Blitz

Yreva’s latest album, “Hidden Gems Of Love”, is a true art of love, self awareness, struggle, relationships and positivity. The sound is very refreshing and unique in its own interesting way.

Micah Clarence Avery (other known aliases PlayaMic, Yung Thirst, McMicah, and currently, Yreva). Yreva and his flow stands for “You Receive Eternal Visions Abundantly For Love Over Wealth”. Yreva was born and raised in California. He grew up in Palmdale, where he made music with old friends.

At the early age of ten, he began writing his verses A’Capella and at the age of thirteen he recorded his first song. Age sixteen, Yung Thirst was just stepping out making a name for himself by releasing, Unread Message, at age eighteen and, Just Listen Vol.1, by twenty years old. Taking a break for two years to work and go to college, he then jumped back on the mic at the age of twenty three to release, Just Listen Vol.2, under the alias McMicah.

In early 2017, he released, The Moment, under his current alias, Yreva, which is his last name backwards, if you didn’t catch that. After the passing of his big brother Yreva took his music more professionally and released his EP, Slave To Society. In early 2018, he released, Hidden Gems Of Love. Being an inspired and conscious Hip Hop Artist, Yreva looks up to artists like Tupac, NWA, and Snoop Dogg.

Just like the greats, Yreva knew he was destined to impact the world. His passion lies in preserving real hip hop for upcoming generations so not to confuse this true art with mumble rap. In his music he speaks about moral and societal values. Wanting to be a relatable outlet and a source of hope for better days for his listeners, he uses his platform to accomplish these goals.