Yung Juko Just Won Halloween With A Costume For His Haters | @Official_Juko

Yung Juko Just Won Halloween With A Costume For His Haters | @Official_Juko

October 27, 2016 Off By Blitz

Remember the scene in “Eight Mile” when Em hits the stage and owns it with his tales of growing up as poor white trailer trash? Lafayette’s Yung Juko decided to laugh right along with his haters for Halloween this year and give ’em exactly what they asked for.

Juko is afflicted with the congenital birth defect Spina Bifida, which causes a curvature of the spine. Most afflicted children never walk and those that do have a very pronounced limp caused by their uneven spinal cord. Defying all odds, Juko is not only walking, but writing and performing great music and you’d think people could ride with that. Sadly, the peanut gallery that troll the comments sections instead decided to dub him ‘the 5th Ninja Turtle – N*ggatello’. OUCH!

Not one to take life too seriously, Juko decided to have a little fun and do a photo shoot his fans AND haters could enjoy. Gotta love a person who can laugh at themselves.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, “Pray For Me” is picking up nicely at radio and the video, just 3 weeks old, has over 34,000 views. Check it out below.