Bae Bae Savo Releases New Single, “Sada Bae Bae” ft. Sada Baby

April 28, 2021 Off By JarPR

Native Rapper from Ohio, Bae Bae Savo has turned the notch up once again with his video to his single “Sada Bae Bae” featuring Sada Baby

With music that provides a street, gritty, yet heartfelt feeling, the relatability keeps his audience growing. He uses music as his outlet to relate to his supporters and to innovate the culture in postive ways. 

Bae Bae used his drill tempo to amp up his fans with this video. As the beat drops hom and the vrew begin to turn up as he talks about his struggles and his music journey.

Pairing up with Sada Baby, the song was bound to be an automatic hit. You can find the music video to “Sada Bae Bae” here!