Capella Grey Features Ty Dolla $ign On New Record “OT”

Capella Grey Features Ty Dolla $ign On New Record “OT”

July 1, 2022 Off By JarPR

Little baddie from the inner city/  Im her nigga when im in her city/  You know when i come through We gon make a movie”

R & B Singers Capella Grey and Ty Dolla $ign linked up and shot the official music video for the city boys anthem called “OT”, a track that creates the perfect summer vibes.  Capella is already known for creating R&B with that 90s/2000s dancehall flair and of course you know anywhere Capella goes NY does too. With the addition of Ty Dolla $ign this record was an instant hit. This song is just another addition to this rising Bronx artist’s impressive roster. Still going with the early late 90s and early 2000s feel, this video is a mix of Will Smith’s Miami video mixed with an essence of  Thong Song by Sisqo showcasing the lifestyle of going “OT”  and the sensuality of a woman’s body.

“Why would I take a shorty OT?/There’s already shorties OT, uh/ Why would I bring sand to the beach?/ When they’re all on me and they’re all OD”

No more records  just for the ladies, fellas y’all finally have a summer anthem to unlock your inner “baddie”. This just showcases his knowledge of producing music and understanding his audience which is what keeps Capella rising to the top to  take over the NYC music scene. With Capella’s hot track “Gyalis” still making it rounds around social media, radios and people homes with no stopping point in the distance he is showing that he is not slowing down but if anything he gave us a peek into more of what he has to offer.

With “OT” already doing numbers Capella already has summer on lock and the rest of the year.

If you love “OT” look out for Capella’s newly anticipated album, Vibe Responsibility Volume 1, that features this track and many more to feel the vibe of Capella Grey.

Capella Grey – OT (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Video]