DOLEY BERNAYS SHARES NEW VISUAL FOR,  “Act One: Feels Like Killa Season”


July 8, 2021 Off By JarPR

Bronx artist, Doley Bernays releases the new visual for “Act One: Feels Like Killa Season.” Bernays is known to create all his video treatments based on the message he wants his audience to grasp. His enticing visuals often tell a unique story and this one is no different. Inspired by the American film director, Wesley Craven, Bernays appreciates old school horror cinematography. He mixed horror cliches with humor and satire that is openly displayed throughout this video. He constantly sets the bar higher with each record and visual to match. The record itself, is a soulful track that speaks about his efforts to be one the greatest while still dealing with some of life’s adversities.

“My dog called said he trying I said i’m trying too/ my bitch telling me I lied, bitch be lying too/

Betrayal in these streets that shit will haunt ya, ya partnas aint ya partnas/ 

I gotta stay alive i can’t stay up my feelings/

Them n*ggas taught me all about money and taking risks/”

Bernays uses stimulating lyrics to share his feelings and express his thoughts in a particular manner. From the streets to the studio his life story is relatable to many.  He uses symbolic metaphors to tell his story and share his dreams creating time stamped works of art — which pays homage to the core of what hip hop was in the very beginning.

Watch the new video here!