Don Royal Unveils ‘Before It’s Too Late’ EP

Don Royal Unveils ‘Before It’s Too Late’ EP

June 26, 2022 Off By JarPR

Don Royal is turning up the Tri-State and spreading like wildfire with his most recent release! Don uses his life experiences to lay out his lyricism, delivering nothing but hits. Don is a fan of many genres, including R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Reggae, and his versatility is evident in his music. He has created his own distinct sound by bending and blending the sounds of others. The musical style and sound of this trailblazing new hit-maker is so satisfying. When you listen to the lyrics, flows, and blended styles, you’ll notice that he uses each tool to its full potential.

Before It’s Too Late

On May 12th, the rising rhymer released his two-pack EP Before It’s Too Late. Since then, the project has received a lot of positive feedback! In fact, his hot singles “Too Easy” and “Always Good” recently swept Connecticut at the WILIN’WEDNESDAY showcase, where he rocked the stage! “Before It’s Too Late” is the follow-up to his popular “Too Late To Sign Me.” The Jersey native believes that every artist meets people who have the potential to propel them further and faster. This idea can sometimes take an artist by surprise until they realize they are the opportunity. Because they are discovered by those who limit their potential, some aspiring artists fail to recognize their own.

Don recognized his potential as one of the greats and is here to prove it! Standing firm on his skill set and destiny, he’s not giving up. Every chapter of his musical journey is fresh, and it is always just the beginning. Don’t  believe me? Press play on his most recent release Before It’s Too Late here at 24Hip-Hop. Lastly, let us know what you think and stay tuned for more!


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