Just Malsz Shares New Track, “Purple Pill”

Just Malsz Shares New Track, “Purple Pill”

June 18, 2021 Off By JarPR

The Bronx, New York, is renowned as the hip hop music capital of the world. At a young age, many gifted creatives grow infatuated with the art of music. Just Malsz is a young artist who was born in the Bronx and reared in Yonkers. His distinct sound and motivational lyrics are influenced by his upbringing, life experiences, and desire to positively impact culture. Just Malsz does not put himself in a box by categorizing his sound; instead, he concentrates on the JM brand and what it means to be creative. Just Malsz wants to use the foundation he has created to help other creatives overcome their challenges.

Just Malsz releases his latest single, “Purple Pill.” A collection of unique sounds pulling from the genres of jazz, drill, and trap. This may be Just Malsz hottest track yet. When he heard the beat, he immediately purchased it, and wrote the song within 20 minutes, then recorded it the next day. The song idea was inspired long ago by the matrix, this idea was then brough to life on ‘Purple Pill’. Just Malsz wants his listeners to feel inspired, challenged, provoked, and manipulated when they hear this song.

Just Malsz is a one-of-a-kind tastemaker with a sharp ear for good music, from hosting sold-out pop-up shops and gigs to packed single release events and designing his own clothing. Recently he has been getting comfortable being behind the camera. Normally he has always came up with the video treatment for all his records. He now begins a new journey of exploring his creative director talents. We can expect the video to drop early next month so say tuned!

Listen to “Purple Pill” here!