New Video: Sean Doe ft. Miquaa EL

August 4, 2022 Off By JarPR

“It’s about structure get the bag and flex”

Sean_Doe is an upcoming lyricist hailing from The Bronx he linked with the amazing Miqaa and created the perfect song to describe those days you’re in your feelings.  This new track describes the thoughts that run through our mind at night. Sean_Doe describes the feeling of trying to figure out your love life while trying to evolve as a person. With the use of a R&B sample for the back beat of his song “Ldcta” mixed with his energized lyrics allows you to be transported. With the addition of Miqaa, beautiful vocals add a certain sensuality that brings the whole record together. Sean_Doe is bringing back the lyricism to music not using the beats to uplift his song but his words.

 “Pretty and ghetto, look good in stilettos,  the type of real n***a would never think twice to let go don’t ever let them tell you nothing different, girl you’re special let’s fuck up miami for the weekend cause you special”

Sean_Doe has created something special with his new track; he created a vibe that everyone can understand and relate to, man or woman. This showcases his knowledge of music and lyrical work that allows him to grow his audience. With his 2019single “ Love Jones” still circulating Sean_doe is coming out swinging and showing he is not someone to be slept on.

If you love “Lcdta” look out for Sean_Doe’s newly released EP“Take this personal” featuring this track and many more to feel the vibe of Sean_Doe.